October 3, 2019

The Copper Kettle of Bowling Green, Kentucky

The Copper Kettle of Bowling Green, Kentucky

This past weekend the kids and I were able to stop by the International Festival in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had the privilege of tasting The Copper Kettle’s delicious kettle corn after watching the magic happen. During our time there, I was able to snag a few behind the scenes photos of what these wonderful people do. The Copper Kettle is based out of Bowling Green, but they travel across 10 states selling their product (fresh, gourmet Kettle corn) at festivals and other large community events. They have many different flavors, but my favorite is the Caramel Apple. My husband’s is their Chicago Mix. You might as well try both! Below are the images from the International Festival as well as an interview I did with Julia about this local business.

Interview with The Copper Kettle

Business Name: The Copper Kettle
Owners: Jeff and Julia Cooper
Location: Based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky but travel many states.

Chelsea (C): “Tell me about what you do.”
Julia (J): “We travel the southeast United States to some of the largest art, craft, and music festivals where we set up and pop our delicious kettle corn on site. We want to provide a happy, interactive experience for our customers as they are able to watch their kettle corn being made and packaged. We also have a convenient tasting table for them to choose which products they want to purchase.”

C: “How did you get started in this business?”
J: “We sold our previous business and wanted a fun retirement income that allows us to travel. After researching countless business ideas, we settled on kettle corn.”

C: “What do you love about your job?”
J: “We love traveling and meeting new people from all walks of life. We have made many new friends during our trips.”

C: “What does success look like for you?”
J: “Success for us is enjoying a slower-paced lifestyle, while getting to travel, meet new people, and make them happy.”

C: “What goes on behind the scenes?”
J: “First we have to research shows we want to get into, then we apply to them and book them months to a year in advance. After that, we have to make travel plans and calculate our inventory needs. We are still learning social media and are beginning to take orders online!”

C: “Tell me about your ideal client or job?”
J: “Our ideal clients are happy people who appreciate our unique kettle corn flavors. An added bonus is when they become online customers as well.”

Interview Continued

C: “What do you want people to know about you or your business?”
J: “That we create our own flavors testing them over and over until they’re just right. We have unique flavors such as Crème Brulee, Salted Caramel, English Toffee, and Chicago Mix. We also create seasonal flavors such as Caramel Apple and Americana. Then, of course, we have our Old-Fashioned Kettle Corn.”

C: “Tell me about your favorite moment or story related to your business?”
J: “We love being able to bless people when we can. For example when a child comes up with a $1 bill and asks if that is enough to buy a $6 product and we just say, ‘Of course!’”

C: “What has been the best advice given to you in life or business? Or what is your best advice?”
J: “Life is short so follow your own dreams and goals, not someone else’s.”

C: “How can people reach you/get your product or service?”
J: “They can call us at 270.779.8434. They can follow us on Facebook and Instagram www.facebook.com/thecopperkettlebg www.instagram.com/thecopperkettlebg or email us at ckkettlecorn@gmail.com

C: “What can people do to help your business?”
J: “Taste our products and spread the word! Sharing, tagging, and commenting on our social media posts always helps. They can also leave us a review on Facebook!”

C: “Do you have anything exciting coming up or any specials going on currently?”
J: “We will be setting up our booth at Gypsy Moon Marketplace November 7th, 8th, and 9th. After that, we will be setting up at The Venue at 939 Adams on November 23rd! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram because we have something very exciting coming up soon for our customers!”

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