Australian Shepherd Puppies in Bowling Green, KY

  1. Jennifer Grider says:

    Hi! I am interested! Super cute puppies!!
    Is this breed super hyper? My husband and I live in Logan County Ky out in the country and have been trying to find a good breed Of dog for companionship and protection. If you could pass along the owners email and/or phone number I’d appreciate it.
    Thanks 🙂 .

  2. Phyllis Riley says:

    Looking for a female. Would love to see pics or learn anything about these pups. We are prior Aussie owners. Love them!

  3. Caitlyn D Joyce says:

    Are any puppies still available? would love a girl! Weve been searching for afforable aussies for awhile now. Thank you

  4. Margie Britt says:

    Do you have any female puppies for sale.

    • Chelsea Wells says:

      Not currently. All of these puppies have been given their new homes! If you’d like to email me your information I’d be happy to put you in touch with the breeders!

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